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    Friday 5 April 9 a.m. - Monday 8 April 9 a.m. (UTC)

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      A boatload of new features and bugfixes

      29 June 2019

      It's been quite some time since we had a proper server update, but we're glad to announce a whole lot of new features and much needed bugfixes to our server.

      Fletching has received some much needed improvements - you can now smith each type of crossbow limbs, including blurite which can be mined in the blurite mine at Mudskipper point. You can also fletch javelin shafts from logs, as well as each type of crossbow stock including redwood. Cooking raw beef (obtained from cows) now results in sinew which can be spun into crossbow strings.
      The King Black Dragon now drops dragon limbs and unfinished dragon bolts (since we don't yet adamant and rune dragons in the game yet). The dragon limbs can be combined with a magic stock to create the dragon crossbow. The unfinished dragon bolts can be combined with feathers to create dragon bolts and after that you can use any type of bolt tip on it. Enchanting gem-tipped dragon bolts will give the dragon bolts the appropriate on-hit effect just like other enchanted bolts.
      The hardwood grove on Karamja is now open for everyone to chop their share of teak and mahogany as they like, both of which can be used to fletch crossbow stocks. And who knows, maybe in the future, when we add the construction skill, they can be used for construction as well?

      • You can now operate an amulet of glory while wearing it.
      • Hovering over the skill tab now shows the remaining XP for the next level.
      • Thousand separators have been added to the skill XP hover for increased readability.
      • A bug has been fixed where a "next level at" would be shown at level 99.
      • You can now go back to the main overview in the NPC droptable by clearing the field with backspace.
      • The NPC droptable has once again received a major performance improvement so it's even faster than before.
      • Super and extreme donators now receive 10% bonus slayer points, legendary donators receive 20% bonus slayer points.
      • A bug has been fixed where the amulet of the damned effect did not work for most Barrows sets.
      • Slayer helmets now have a more appopriate alch value (also affects items kept on death).
      • A bug has been fixed where Marks of Grace would spawn on wrong heights during rooftop agility courses.
      • Guthan's warspear now has the correct combat interface.
      • A bug has been fixed where you were able to smith rune claws at 86 smithing level instead of 98.

      Raid prayers, quality of life updates

      5 June 2019

      The Preserve, Rigour and Augury prayers can now be unlocked through scrolls found in the Raids chest!

      The chance on a unique drop from the Raids chest has also been greatly improved. The chance is now 1% for each 300 Raid points you have, with a maximum of 10% at 30,000 Raid points.

      Other quality of life updates:

      • A bug with the rune pouch has been fixed where runes would vanish if your pouch already contains runes of that type.
      • The Corporeal Beast has been added to the boss slayer tasks.
      • The ::topic command has been added, for example ::topic 1 will take you to
      • Viggora's chainmace is now a one-handed weapon.
      • Demonic Gorilla's now drop more dragon javelin heads.
      • Crafting nature or law runes as a daily task will now properly count all crafted runes towards the task instead of just one.

      Several bugfixes

      10 May 2019

      The past couple of days, we have fixed the following bugs on the server:

      • A bug has been fixed where players would be unable to complete a Cerberus, Skeletal Wyvern or Kraken task.
      • The looting bag has been fixed, you can now properly remove items while inside the Edgeville bank.
      • The Craw's bow max hit and speed have been fixed.
      • The Thammaron's sceptre max hit against wilderness NPC's has been fixed.
      • You can now use spirit trees to teleport around the world again (and complete the achievement associated with it).
      • Vesta's spear now has the correct combat interface and now has bonus damage when used against the Corporeal Beast (it does not yet have a special attack so far).
      • Vesta's longsword now has its proper special attack.
      • Statius's warhammer now has its proper special attack.
      • A bug has been fixed where checking how many slayer points you would receive for selling heads to the slayer store would show a very large amount instead of the actual price.

      Revenant caves released

      5 May 2019

      It's taken a whole lot of preparation to get this update underway, but it is finally here: the revenant caves you have all been waiting for!

      Located between wilderness levels 17 and 40, this multi-combat area contains all the revenants you know from OSRS. See below how to get there:

      All revenant drop rates are doubled if you are skulled and all revenants drop the following items:

      • Revenant ether, used to charge other items.
      • Bracelet of ethereum, when charged with ether makes revenants unaggressive and you are immune against revenant damage. Can be dismantled for 250 ether.
      • Amulet of avarice (also sold in the donator store), skulls you when worn and notes all dropped items in the caves.
      • Craw's bow, has unlimited ammo and gives +50% damage and accuracy against wilderness NPC's when charged with ether.
      • Viggora's chainmace, gives +50% damage and accuracy against wilderness NPC's when charged with ether.
      • Thammaron's sceptre, gives +25% damage and +100% accuracy against wilderness NPC's when charged with ether.
      • Ancient warrior's equipment (see'_equipment).
      • Six different ancient artifacts, which can be alched or sold to the general store for a lot of money.
      • Blood money, to be used in the new blood money store.
      • Coins and a whole lot of noted resources.

      We have also finally released the blood money store, which contains all of the ancient warrior's equipment. The store can be found north of the Edgeville bank, just south of the wilderness wall. More items may be added to the store in future updates.

      Several bugs have also been fixed:

      • The NPC killcount tracker has been fixed.
      • A bug has been fixed where you were unable to complete slayer tasks.
      • You can now properly walk through slashed webs, the slayer tower door and the flames at Cerberus.
      • A bug has been fixed where players who log out while in the GWD would log in stuck within the wall.
      • Ultimate ironman mode players can now use the vote store.

      Noclipping fixes

      3 May 2019

      Today, we have added server-sided noclipping checks that will prevent players (or their pets) from accidentally walking through walls or solid objects, so it should no longer be possible to get stuck.

      We are also in the final stages of adding the revenant caves. All that remains is writing configuration code to spawn the revenants and add their item drops. The cave map has already been added and can already be accessed, although there are no NPC spawns yet in the caves.

      Easter event, improvements

      19 April 2019

      Starting tomorrow morning, there will be a 25% discount on mystery boxes, along with a chance to get an easter ring from mystery boxes and hourly boxes. The easter ring is a very rare item that will only be obtainable during Easter Events. The ring can transform you into an egg, similar to the ring of coins and ring of nature. The event will last until 1 May.

      We have also made some further improvements to the game:

      • Ultimate Ironman Mode players can now reclaim their items after dying.
      • The alch prices for the armadyl helmet, chestplate and chainskirt as well as bandos boots, chestplate and tassets have been increased a lot.
      • All raid bosses now drop overloads and anglerfish as common drops. These items can be taken out of the raids, although you cannot use overloads outside raids.
      • The rate for catching chinchompas has been doubled.
      • Catching red chinchompas will now properly count towards completion of the daily task.
      • A bug has been fixed where Ironman and UIM players were unable to sell pets to the pet store.
      • The olmlet pet no longer has a left-click option, so you won't accidentally click it, similar to all other pets.

      Pet store, donating on ironman, drop table improvements, bugfixes

      13 April 2019

      The cache update that was necessary to add the revenant caves is finally ready, so now we're working hard to add the revenants as soon as possible. There's a whole lot going IRL right now which has slowed down the development process, but we keep moving forward nonetheless.

      In the meantime, we have worked out some much asked for improvements and additions as well as some bugfixes:

      • We have added a pet store, where you can buy new pets and sell unwanted pets. The store can be accessed at the pet handler west of the Edgeville bank. Selling a pet gives you 10% of the pet points it would cost to buy the pet. Pet points can also be bought in the donator store for 20 donator points each.
      • Ironman players can now donate. However, they only receive a limited set of donator perks and can only purchase cosmetic items and pet points from the donator store. The specific donator perks and store items available to ironman players will be added on the site very soon.
      • You can now purchase platinum tokens in the general store for 1,000 coins each. You can also sell them back for 1,000 coins each.
      • You can now obtain an Olmlet pet from the raids chest.
      • A bug has been fixed where lost darts and Zulrah scales from a blowpipe would only stay on the floor for 2 minutes after death instead of 1 hour.
      • The elder maul now has the correct combat interface.
      • A bug has been fixed that wouldn't allow you to make or charge Arclight at the dark altar if you stood on the north side of the altar.
      • Mac now tells you the right price of the max cape for non-donators (200M). The price was already reduced to 200M in the previous update, but the dialogue text was wrong.
      • Players can no longer attack other players in single combat zones while in combat with an NPC.
      • Teleporting out of the lobby room in Raids no longer results in the loss of raid points.
      • A bug has been fixed where your dwarf multicannon wouldn't always be visible if you leave an area and then walk back.
      • You now have to right-click to pick up a pet, so it will no longer get in the way.

      A whole lot of NPC drops have been altered. Most NPC's have received a buff, although a few drops have been nerfed as well:

      • Skotizo now drops the Skotos pet, along with the dark claw which can be used to make a purple slayer helmet.
      • Rock crabs and sand crabs now drop a lot of coins and supplies.
      • Several NPC's that didn't drop coins before now drop coins.
      • The droprates of the godsword shards, hilts, armadyl crossbow, staff of the dead, zamorakian spear, bandos boots/chestplate/tassets, armadyl chainskirt/chestplate/helmet for the GWD bosses have been buffed.
      • The droprates of the godsword shards for most GWD boss room minions have been nerfed.
      • The King Black Dragon and skeletal dragons now drop the draconic visage more often.
      • The greater abyssal demon now drops the abyssal whip, head and dagger.
      • The pet droprates for the following bosses have been buffed: King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, Kraken, Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, Kree'arra, General Graardor, Zulrah, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, Cerberus.
      • The pet droprates for the following bosses have been nerfed: Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Supreme, Giant Mole, Nuclear Smoke Devil, Abyssal Sire.
      • Several other NPC's (mostly bosses and NPC's in the wilderness) have also received various drop rate buffs.

      HiScores, bugfixes

      31 March 2019

      We are glad to announce the release of our HiScores! Along with this release, we have also increased the XP cap to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). The first person to get 1B in a skill will always be shown at the top, while the first person to get 1B in all skills will be guaranteed the first spot on the overall HiScores - forever! Kills and deaths in PvP are also tracked.

      Several bugs were also fixed - please refer to our forums for more details!

      Grand Exchange released

      15 March 2019

      After a few weeks of hard work, it's finally here: our very own Grand Exchange! You can access the GE through one of the Grand Exchange Clerks that are found in Edgeville - one inside the Edgeville bank (at the south end) and one near Wizard Mizgog. It works pretty much exactly like OSRS, so if you're familiar with the OSRS GE, you'll have no trouble using ours. Simply select an offer slot to start buying or selling, then either type part of an item name to start buying or select an item from your inventory to start selling.

      Regular players have 4 GE slots, donators have 5, super donators 6, extreme donators 7 and legendary donators have 8 slots at their disposal.

      Just like OSRS, you can also collect items or coins at any bank booth.

      Last but not least, our Grand Exchange also has an extra feature: you can directly access all current buy and sell offers so you can always see what's being bought or sold and at what price (the amount being bought/sold is shown at the top left, the price is shown at the bottom of each item). Not only that, but you can also directly buy or sell items as if it were a shop!

      There are only two features missing to make our Grand Exchange the best one around (even more advanced than the one OSRS has) - the ability to collect items to your bank and to search through the history.

      Those two features will be added in a later update, but for now we will focus our attention to revenant caves and hiscores first!

      Items on death change, NPC drop change, bugfixes

      25 February 2019

      • Items will now stay on the floor for one hour after you die, unless you die in PvP.
      • The way our drop tables work has been changed. In the past, whenever you were lucky enough to hit one of the drop tables of an NC (the 'common', 'uncommon', 'rare' or 'very rare' table), you would receive just one random item from that table. This has now been changed, so that every single item has its own independent chance to drop and you can now theoretically receive every item from the drop table in a single kill, which was not possible before. Several rare item drops will also be buffed in an update soon.
      • A bug has been fixed where the drop tables would show 'constant' but the chance would show 1/2 instead of 1/1.
      • The drop tables are now much faster to open and to search through.
      • Whenever you set up a dwarf multicannon, teleport out and back in, you will now see the cannon again.
      • The dragon hunter crossbow now has 30% bonus accuracy and damage against dragons, wyverns and the great olm.
      • All raid bosses now have their appropriate magic level for the twisted bow. Most of the God Wars dungeon bosses and bodyguards, as well as Cerberus now have their appropriate magic level as well.
      • The game now keeps track of how many raid chests you have looted.
      • Several bosses and other NPC's that would ignore protection prayers no longer ignore them. A few NPC's can still deal damage through prayers, but never the full amount.
      • Arclight will no longer bug the altars at Skotizo.
      • The katana has been added to master clue scrolls.
      • All single- and multicombat zones in the wilderness should now be exactly the same as in OSRS.
      • You can now burn redwood logs with the infernal axe.
      • A bug has been fixed where shops would say they would give more coins when buying an item from you than they really do.
      • Walking through the magical wheat at puro-puro should now be much better. There may still be a few spots where you cannot properly walk through, but we're looking into that.
      • The cat lady random event will now occur less often.

      Cannon, ancestral, max cape, bugfixes

      18 February 2019

      • You can now obtain an ancestral hat, robe top or robe bottom as a rare drop from the Raids reward chest.
      • The dwarf multicannon will no longer be invisible when being set up inside the corporeal beast cave.
      • A bug has been fixed where players were unable to complete certain daily tasks (looting barrows chests, killing raid monsters, playing pest control).
      • Players that are not super donators can now purchase a max cape from Mac for 500M coins. Super donators can purchase it for 10M.
      • When certain items fully degrade, such as an abyssal tentacle, you will now be informed that you can reclaim it at the weird old man in Edgeville. The game used to give you the wrong information by telling you to talk to the wise old man instead.
      • If you are ever stuck in the fight caves due to a noclipping bug, you can now use the Edgeville home teleport to teleport to the entrance of the caves. However, you can only use this once every three minutes.
      • All raid bosses now have a proper magic level set, so the twisted bow should have the correct accuracy and max hit against them.
      • A bug has been fixed where the barbarian agility course wouldn't give XP if you don't jump over the middle section of the last wall.
      • NPC droptables will no longer show a drop chance of 1/1 when it really is 1/2, this was due to a rounding error.
      • Your pet will now properly teleport to you and continue to follow you when you die.
      • Grey and black chinchompas no longer count toward completion of the red chinchompa daily task.
      • A minor bug has been fixed where you might receive the wrong grey, red or black chinchompa pet while hunting.

      Meanwhile, my work on a grand exchange continues. I've also chosen to make a sort of combination of GE and trading post, so players can see what others have put up for sale and purchase items as if it were a shop.

      Lots of major improvements and fixes

      12 February 2019

      • The crystal chest now contains several resources (the sames ones found in the hourly reward boxes), along with ruby bolts (e) and cannon balls.
      • Donators now receive extra items from the crystal chest along with a higher chance on receiving uncommon rewards, depending on their donator rank (see our store for more details).
      • You can now use the crystal chest in Yanille to get items for crystal keys, same place as on OSRS. The chest west of Edgeville bank still works though.
      • A bug has been fixed where you sometimes couldn't click on a bank tab.
      • It is no longer possible to safespot the lizardman shaman.
      • The trident of the swamp now has a magic level requirement of 75.
      • The trident of the seas now has its proper attack and defence bonuses.
      • Whenever the Well of Goodwill is activated, players will now see the appropriate bonus in their quest tab. Same for when the well deactivates again.
      • A bug has been fixed where an hourly reward box would drop on the floor instead of being added to your bank. This happened when you have 1 or more boxes in a bank tab that contains 350 items.
      • A bug has been fixed where hourly reward boxes were actually being granted every 36 minutes instead of every hour.
      • The Zamorakian hasta and dragon spear now do regular damage to the Corporeal beast, same for magic attacks.
      • Weapons other than a spear or hasta now do 50% damage to the Corporeal beast, instead of 20%.
      • You can now set up a dwarf multicannon in the Corp cave.
      • The Corporeal beast will now only spawn one single dark core during the fight.
      • You can now properly teleport out of the Skotizo boss room.
      • Skotizo is now more vulnerable to twisted bow attacks.
      • Whenever you use a bone on an altar, you will now automatically use all the bones of that type on the altar, instead of having to specify the amount first.
      • NPC's will no longer drop fractured crystals. They now drop more coins instead. All fractured and newly made crystals still in the game are made untradeable since they are now a discontinued item You can still sell them to the general store though.
      • A bug has been fixed where a compass image is shown near the bottom of the quest tab.

      A small but imortant update

      9 February 2019

      • When you teleport out of raids, you will now lose 40% of your raid points. Does not apply when you use the stairs to leave the raids.
      • You will no longer use more than 50,000 raid points when looting the raids chest, since the chance on unique loot caps at 50,000 points (which equals 10% chance on a unique drop)
      • Dragon claws, elder maul and twisted bow now have a higher value on death.
      • The elder maul attack speed has been fixed.
      • The lucky impling will no longer randomly move around, hopefully stopping it from glitching out of the map.
      • Made some changes that should help prevent the sort of massive lag that occurred last night. Extra logging has also been enabled to help prevent this sort of things from happening again in the future.
      • Players should now be able to receive a new daily task after completing the previous one.

      Bugfixes & improvements

      7 February 2019

      • There is now a skillcape shop in the Edgeville shops, available to all players (not just donators)
      • Mac (located west of the Warrior's guild) will now only sell a max cape to super donators
      • The ranged strength of throwing weapons has been fixed
      • Otto Godblessed, south of the Edgeville shops, can now turn a Zamorakian spear into a hasta and vice versa
      • You are now guaranteed a decent amount of coins when looting the raids chest when you have a high amount of raid points
      • The anti-dragon shield now provides better protection against dragonfire
      • Ironman mode players can no longer purchase most of the secondary herblore ingredients in the general store
      • Super donators can now use the ornate rejuvenation pool in Edgeville
      • Arrows now properly drop on the floor when using ranged attacks
      • Commander Zilyana's attacks are now less accurate
      • The Corporeal beast attacks are now less accurate
      • Cerberus will use its special attack less often
      • The dwarf multicannon will now keep attacking enemies in a multi-combat area when you are under attack
      • Medium, hard and master caskets now have a higher chance to obtain rare items
      • Extra 'rolls' have been added to the master clue caskets, so they will now yield more rewards than before
      • The ring of charos will now properly teleport you to twisted banshees or warped jellies
      • You can now wear hunter's honour and rogue's revenge in the hat slot
      • You can no longer get Cerberus as a slayer task if you haven't learned to route to the cave yet (wasn't properly fixed last time)

      Several improvements

      2 February 2019

      • Players no longer become invisible to others when logging out and back in
      • Players are no longer added twice to a clan channel right after a server restart
      • You can no longer get a Cerberus task assigned if you have not yet learned the route to the cave
      • You can no longer scavenge items dropped by players who have less than 15 minutes time played
      • A bug has been fixed where an extra amulet of glory would spawn in your inventory if you equip it right after rubbing it
      • Donators now have a higher chance to burn logs or smelt ore when using the infernal (pick)axe (40/50/60/70% chance depending on donator rank)
      • Donators now receive bonus raid points (10/30/50/70% bonus points depending on donator rank)
      • Most of the secondary herblore ingredients in the general store are now noted (some items don't have a noted version in our game)
      • A bug has been fixed that wouldn't allow you to place a dwarf multicannon in most places

      Random event bugfix

      29 January 2019

      Thanks to the assistance of a player, we have managed to track down and fix the bug that would freeze the client of some players when they encounter a random event. We can now confirm that this bug is definitively taken care of!

      Bugfixes, Zulrah improvement

      28 January 2019

      I've managed to fix a bug that would cause some players to crash while they get a random event. However, if someone encounters any issues with our random event, please do let us know.

      Other bugfixes and improvements:

      • Zulrah now rolls twice on its droptable on death
      • Pure essence has been added to the raids chest
      • Pure essence has been added to the hourly reward box
      • Cerberus will now only be assigned as a slayer task if you have the appropriate slayer level
      • You can no longer melee the kraken
      • Kalphite workers and soldiers no longer have a slayer level requirement to kill
      • Shops now refill a lot faster
      • Fixed a typo when leveling up firemaking

      Random event

      27 January 2019

      We have added a random event in order to stop players from completely AFK'ing skilling activities with a bot, macro or autoclicker. The random event will take you to a mansion, where you are to click on a cat. Once you do, you will be teleported back to your original position and you will receive either coins or an hourly box in your bank as reward. The random event is safe, meaning you cannot die or take any damage.

      We're hoping that this simple event will be sufficient to stop bots and autoclickers, while not being too interruptive to regular players as it should only take a few seconds to complete. Not to mention that players receive a nice reward after completing it.

      lastly, coins as well as resources (runes, arrows, herbs, ore, gems, logs, ...) have been added to hourly reward boxes

      Forums released!

      27 January 2019

      We are glad to announce the official release of our forums!

      Instead of the contact page and Discord channels, please use the appropriate forums as of now to communicate with us.

      We're hoping the forums will enable us to much more efficiently communicate with our community and work in a far more organized manner than before.

      Unlike the game itself, we do have forum rules. If you wish to apply to become forum moderator, post an application here.

      Twisted bow, mystery boxes, bugfixes

      24 January 2019

      The twisted bow now has its proper passive effect, dealing damage based on the enemies magic level. In PvP situations, the bow should now work exactly as on OSRS, in PvM it will work properly against most NPC's, but not against all of them since not every NPC has a proper magic level set. We will set proper NPC magic levels over time, depending on community feedback.

      Mystery boxes have been added to the donator store, costing 100 points each. There is a 2/3 chance to obtain 70M - 250M coins and a 1/3 chance to obtain a random item that the donator store has or used to have with a value of at least 50 points, including blowpipe, elysian, ags, dclaws, rainbow phat, legendary donator rank etc. The average value of opening a mystery box is 150 donator points, so it is certainly worth its price. The exact contents of the mystery box can also be found on store page's mystery boxes tab.

      Several items have been removed from the donator store but can still be obtained from a mystery box:

      • Abyssal tentacle
      • Abyssal bludgeon
      • Abyssal dagger
      • Armadyl godsword
      • Dragon claws
      • Saradomin's blessed sword
      • Elysian spirit shield
      • Toxic blowpipe
      • Ring of suffering
      • Amulet of torture
      • Necklace of anguish
      • Tormented bracelet
      • Bandos chestplate
      • Bandos tassets
      • Armadyl helmet
      • Armadyl chestplate
      • Armadyl chainskirt

      A couple of new items have been added to the donator store (can also be obtained from a mystery box):

      • Guthan's armour set (120 points)
      • Verac's armour set (120 points)
      • Dharok's armour set (120 points)
      • Torag's armour set (120 points)
      • Ahrim's armour set (120 points)
      • Karil's armour set (120 points)
      • Abyssal whip (60 points)
      • Zenyte shard (80 points)

      The sets can be exchanged for their parts at the grand exchange clerk at the southern end of the Edgeville bank.

      Other bugfixes and improvements:

      • Entering a GWD room now requires a killcount of 20 for regular players, 16 for donators, 12 for super donators, 8 for extreme donators and 4 for legendary donators. The GWD teleport at the donator zone now only adds 4 to KC rather than 10.
      • Improved how the dragon claws special attack works, so it is now more accurate and deals the correct amount of damage.
      • Fixed a bug where the Elysian spirit shield wouldn't reduce damage against ranged, magic or dragon breath attacks.
      • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to set up a dwarf multicannon in most places.
      • Wizard Mizgog can now teleport players to the crafting guild, but they can only enter when they have a crafting level of at least 40.
      • Uncut zenyte is now made by using a zenyte shard on a pottery oven. You need a cut onyx in your inventory to do this.
      • A newly made crystal now sells in the general store for 5000 coins.
      • Hourly reward boxes no longer contain any dragon (g) equipment. Those items have been added to the mystery box.
      • Sigmund the merchant is now present near the thieving stalls in Edgeville, who will buy any items you obtain from the stalls.
      • A bug has been fixed where raid or other instance NPC's could not be attacked or would crash your client when attacking by using auto-retaliate.
      • The rewards chest near Yanille can no longer be used to obtain raid rewards.
      • A bug has been fixed where players would sometimes respawn in Varrock after a server update.

      Agility improvements, bugfixes

      21 January 2019

      Several improvements have been made to agility:

      • Grace is now found near the south of Edgeville, who can teleport you to all agility courses. She also sells graceful equipment for marks of Grace, which adds +10% agility XP per worn piece, lowers your chance to fall and lowers your run energy drain. You can also recolour the equipment.
      • Several bugs with the wilderness agility course have been fixed.
      • The wilderness agility course now grants 24K agility XP on completing a lap (600 for extreme players).
      • The barbarian agility course has been improved.
      • Wilderness wall jumping has been improved.

      Also some more bugfixes, two of which were already applied in an earlier update last night:

      • A bug has been fixed where players were unable to log in again after they X-logged or disconnected while in combat.
      • Players no longer respawn in the same place as they died.
      • Bandos godsword and dragon warhammer special attacks now work against NPC's to temporarily lower their defence.
      • Karambwan fishing now takes karambwanji from your inventory, so you no longer have to keep adding them to the vessel.
      • A kawabmwanji fishing spot has been added in the wilderness resource area.
      • A bug has been fixed where players would receive one time more fishing XP after they've already stopped fishing.
      • Players can no longer use crown images in clan chat.
      • Flax picking speed has been slightly increased.

      Dwarf multicannon, bugfixes

      19 January 2019

      The dwarf multicannon has been added to the game. It can be bought in the range store for 60M coins or from the donator store for 50 donator points. Ironman mode players can buy it in the ironman shop. You can exchange the cannon for the set parts at the Grand Exchange clerk that was added in the Edgeville bank by using the set on the clerk. Vice versa, you can exchange cannon parts for a set by using a part on the clerk. Also works for noted items or sets. More item sets will be added later which you can exchange in the same way.

      Bugfixes and improvements:

      • Dragon bolt (e) and ruby bolt (e) special effects have been fixed.
      • The city teleports (to Waterbirth, Lletya, Burthorpe, Entrana, Draynor and Trollheim) have been fixed.
      • A few small bugs in the Varrock rooftop agility course have been fixed.
      • Extreme and legendary donators can now reset their slayer task for free. Super donators pay 15 slayer points, while regular players pay 30 slayer points..
      • Legendary donators can permanently remove a slayer task for 25 slayer points. Extreme donators can do this for 50 slayer points, super donators for 75 slayer points, while donators and regular players need to pay 100 slayer points..

      Another raid fix, new donator features

      17 January 2019

      A bug within raids still remained after yesterday\s update, hopefully today's update should take care of it.

      Donators now also benefit from several features (which will be shown on the store page soon):

      • All donators can note their resources are the wilderness resource area for free.
      • When talking to the donator shopkeeper, you are now shown your total amount donated and how close you are to the next donator rank.
      • Super donators now get 10% bonus XP, extreme donators 20% and legendary donators 30%.
      • GWD killcount for regular players is now 40. Donators need 30, super donators 20, extreme donators 15 and legendary donators 10.
      • Super and extreme donators now get +5 Pest Control points per game, legendary donators get +10.
      • Bonus NPC droprates (stack with row or row i): 2% for donators, 5% for super donators, 10% for extreme donators and 15% for legendary donators.

      Last but not least, hourly reward boxes are now automatically put into your bank.

      Many more donator features are coming soon! But first several bugfixes.

      Raid fixes, slayer XP buff, Corp fix

      16 January 2019

      • Fixed multiple bosses spawning in raids.
      • Improved the chances to obtain resources from the raids reward chest.
      • Great Olm has been slightly nerfed.
      • Slayer XP modifier is now x50 instead of x30.
      • Fixed Corporeal beast using melee attacks from a distance, also nerfed his accuracy and defense stats a little.
      • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck when entering the Corporeal Beast entrance.
      • Wizard Mizgog has been moved closer to the Edgeville teleport/spawn location.

      Raids released!

      14 January 2019

      We have finally managed to get the last major bugs out of Raids and added the appropriate rewards. To get to raids, simply talk to Wizard Mizgog in Edgeville, choose 'Minigames' and then 'Raids'.

      The more raid points you obtain, the higher your chance to get a unique item from the rewards chest, such as a twisted buckler, dragon sword, dragon hunter crossbow, dragon claws, elder maul, kodai insignia or twisted bow. Please note that the twisted bow does not yet have its passive effect where the max hit depends on your opponent's magic level.

      If you do not hit the unique loot table, you have a chance to obtain some resources (runes, arrows, ore, gems or herbs). If you do not obtain any resources, you will get some coins instead.

      Raid points can be carried over between raids, so don't worry if you forgot to loot from the chest at the end.

      A few other improvements have been made to the game as well, including:

      • OSRS mode players now have +30% NPC drop rates.
      • Hunter XP modifier is now x30 instead of x20.
      • Fixed a bug where you would often have to click an object twice to use it (especially annoying in agility).
      • The Kodai wand now gives +15% to your magic max hit.
      • Dragon claws and Armadyl godsword special attacks are now more accurate.
      • The well of goodwill now grants one of the following when filled: +20% global XP rate, +20% global NPC drops or double Pest Control points.

      Several small improvements to the raids will be made in future updates, along with the twisted bow effect. We will also add several new donator perks very soon, so stay tuned for more!

      Several bugfixes and a few small improvements

      11 January 2019

      Fixed the following bugs:

      • Clients would freeze when attempting to teleport to the Clan Wars area.

      • Players could not create a Kodai wand.
      • Dragon claws special attack hit far too high.
      • Double-clicking a ladder would make your character noclip and run far away (bugfix needs to be verified yet).

      Some extra improvements:

      • The teleportation wizard in Edgeville no longer walks around, preventing some annoyances.
      • You can now walk right after teleporting somewhere, instead of having to wait 2 seconds.
      • Buffed the agility XP modifier to x 40 (from x 30).
      • Dragon claws have been added to the donator store, costing 300 donator points each.
      • The prices of the Elysian spirit shield, Draconic visage, Blowpipe and a few cosmetics in the donator store have been increased to match their economy value.

      A couple of bugfixes

      10 January 2019

      Due to a lack of spare time, we haven't gotten around to fixing the raids yet, but at least some of the most important bugs have been taken care of in today's update:

      • Fixed the NPC's in the Armadyl boss room (and several other NPC's) not being able to properly follow players.
      • Fixed anglerfish (and possibly other fish types) being fished far too quickly.
      • Fixed runite golems keeping on respawning and creating more and more of them.
      • Starter cash has been lowered to 500K (from 2M).

      XP rate buff, bugfixes and other improvements

      3 January 2019

      Several skills have received an XP buff. Their modifiers are now:

      • Woodcutting: 30 (from 14)
      • Mining: 30 (from 15)
      • Smithing: 30 (from 24)
      • Herblore: 30 (from 13)
      • Runecrafting: 30 (from 20)
      • Crafting: 30 (from 8)
      • Thieving: 30 (from 20)
      • Slayer: 30 (from 15)
      • Fletching: 30 (from 20)
      • Hunter: 20 (from 15)

      The following skills received a slight XP nerf. Their modifiers are now:

      • Agility: 30 (from 40)
      • Prayer: 30 (from 35)
      • Cooking: 30 (from 34)

      We might decide to further alter XP rates during the next few weeks, based on player feedback.

      The following improvements have been made:

      • Made some major improvements in the client to make it use far less RAM than before.
      • Ironman mode players can now vote for vote points.

      Some bugs have been fixed:

      • Fixed client zoom not working properly with laptop mousepads.
      • Fixed zooming while having a bank or other interface open.
      • Fixed not being able to destroy certain items. Especially annoying for UIM.
      • Fixed not being able to PM players who are not on your friends list.
      • Fixed not being able to use Tab to reply to people who are not on your friends list.
      • Fixed being able to safespot NPC's when standing diagonally from them.

      Lastly, two items in the donator store have been lowered in price:

      • Abyssal bludgeon: now costs 120 donator points (from 170).
      • Abyssal dagger: now costs 90 donator points (from 150).

      In the next days (and weeks), we'll be working on adding the following features:

      • HiScores
      • Adding items to the slayer store
      • Several (mostly minor) bugfixes
      • Gambling
      • Finishing Raids
      • More donator features
      • A Grand Exchange
      • And a whole lot more!

      Combat Interface fixes, zoom, relogging after DC

      2 January 2019

      We have fixed a few major bugs. Firstly, you can now see your combat level in the combat tab, while also being able to auto-retaliate which you couldn't before. We have also added zoom functionality and fixed a bug where some players were unable to reconnect after being disconnected.


      1 January 2019

      Welcome to Lawless!

      Released on 1 January 2019, Lawless distinguishes itself from all other RuneScape Private Servers by not having any set rules. Rather than constantly being careful not to step on a moderator's toes and ending up muted or banned, you can pretty much do and say whatever you want on our RSPS. There are however a few exceptions. Action may be taken when real life laws are being broken or the server's security is at stake, but only if absolutely necessary.

      Since we are a brand new server, you may expect a couple of bugs in the game which still need to be taken care of. If you encounter one, please use our contact form to let us know and we'll be sure to fix it as soon as possible.

      Enjoy our game!